Grounding Bed Sheet

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  • Improve Your Sleep Quality
  • Wakeup More Energised
  • Boost Your Immune System While Asleep

Loved By 20,000+ Aussies

Loved By 20,000+ Aussies

The Grounding Bed Sheet Is Perfect For...

Boosting Immune System

Better Sleep Quality

Improving Heart Health

Increasing Energy Levels

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use a Grounding Bedsheet over an electric blanket?

Yes, Grounding Bedsheets are safe to use with electric blankets as they don't interfere with the blanket's operation.

Can I use Grounding Bedsheet with pets?

Yes, the Grounding Bedsheets are safe for use around pets.

How long does a Grounding Bedsheet take to start working?

The Grounding Bedsheets start working as soon as you lie on them, providing a natural connection to the Earth's energy.

How long should I be using a Grounding Bedsheet?

Even short periods of grounding, such as while sleeping, can provide benefits. There's no need to be grounded all day. The effects of grounding is as individual as the person using it.

How long will a Grounding Bedsheet last?

The Grounding Bedsheets are made with 95% premium cotton & 5% conductive silver fibers. They can last as long as regular bed sheets. They withstand rigorous testing, showing virtually no wear after 100 wash cycles.

Can I wash my Grounding Bed Sheet with bleach or fabric softener?

We recommend avoiding use of chlorine, bleach, or fabric softeners when washing the Grounding Bed Sheet.

Can I wash the Grounding Sheet like regular bedding?

Yes you can. The Grounding Sheets (just like regular bedding) can go on a gentle wash cycle with mild detergent. We recommend washing at or below 40C/ 104F on a medium to slow spin cycle.

How do I wash my Grounding Sheet?

To maintain the conductivity of your silver-threaded Earthing Harmony sheets, regular washing is essential. This practice helps to remove body sweat and natural skin oils from the silver threads, ensuring their continued conductivity. Follow these guidelines to ensure proper washing and care of your sheets: DO's: Wash your sheets weekly or at least twice a month. Use a washing machine and wash with warm water (approximately 105°F or 40°C). Line dry your sheets or use a dryer on low heat if needed. Iron only when necessary on low heat. Wait for one hour after applying lotions or body oils before touching the sheets. DON'Ts: Do not wash with bleach or fabric softener. Avoid using whitening detergents or oxi-detergents. Do not use detergents containing oils such as lavender or coconut oil. Avoid using dryer sheets. Do not apply lotions or body oils on your skin right before bed. Note that using any of the products listed above could damage the silver threads and decrease the effectiveness of the sheets or make them nonconductive. By following these guidelines, you can maintain the conductive properties of your Earthing Harmony sheets and enjoy their health benefits for a longer period of time.

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