Smart Music Boxing Pad

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  • Get a fun & interactive full body workout
  • Burn body fat & tone muscles
  • Portable & can be used anywhere, anytime

Loved By 20,000+ Aussies

Loved By 20,000+ Aussies

The Smart Music Boxing Pad Is Perfect For...

Full Body Workout From Home

Effective Workout In Short Time

Losing Fat & Toning Muscles

Quick & Effective Workout

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the device suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Smart Music Boxing Pad is suitable for individuals of all skill levels, including beginners. It offers various training modes and difficulty levels, allowing users to start at their own pace and progress gradually.

What equipment is required to use the product?

You don't need to buy anything extra to use it, we provide boxing gloves with the smart music boxing bad. It is rechargeable as well so you won't need to buy any batteries. Simply stick the pad on the wall and get on with your workout

Is it durable?

Yes, it's tough enough for intense workouts. It has extra thick padding making it resistant to your extra hard punches.

Is it safe to use for home workouts?

Yes, it's perfectly safe for home use. Just make sure you have enough space to move around comfortably during your boxing workout

Can I customise the training sessions?

Yes, you can customise your workouts based on your preferences and goals. Choose from different modes and difficulty levels.

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60 Day Risk Free Trial

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