LED Light Therapy Mask

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  • 100% natural & non Invasive way to improve skin health
  • Treat acne, redness, inflammation, skin tone & aging
  • Save $1000s on salon LED treatments

Trusted By 10,000+ Aussies

Trusted By 10,000+ Aussies

The LED Light Therapy Mask Is Perfect For...

Overcome Finelines & Wrinkles

100% Natural Skin Care

Acne Or Blemish Control

Improve Skin Tone & Glow

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I do my treatment

We recommend you use the mask for 10 minutes a day, 4 - 6 times per week.

When will I see results?

Most people start seeing visible results after 3 weeks of consecutive use.

Can this be also used at beauty salons?

Absolutely, besides being an at-home use device, this LED Light Therapy Mask can be used at salons as a treatment administered by beauty professionals.

What are the different light settings & what are they used for?

There are 7 different light settings. Here are the uses & effects of each: ā¬œļø White Light -> Remove spots & improve fine lines | šŸŸØ Yellow Light -> Improve rough skin & wrinkles | šŸŸ© Green Light -> reduce skin oil secretion | Cyanine Light -> Remove spots & improve fine lines | šŸŸ¦ Blue Light -> Acne reming & anti-inflammatory | šŸŸŖ Purple Light -> Treatment of acne & repair of acne scars | šŸŸ„ Red Light -> Whitening, skin firming & anti-aging

Can I use my normal moisturiser before I use the light therapy mask?

Certain skincare and makeup can block the LED light from entering the skin. We recommend using the LED mask on clean, product free skin.

Is the LED Light Therapy Mask safe for all skin types?

Yes, the mask is generally safe for all skin types.

Will I see immediate results?

Immediate results may vary for each individual. Some users may notice improvements in skin texture and appearance after a few sessions, but consistent and regular use typically yields more noticeable and long-lasting results over time.

How does this mask work?

The LED Light Therapy Mask emits natural light waves, enhancing your collagen production which improves skin elasticity for a younger look. When your skin absorbs light, it turns into energy inside your cells, triggering a photochemical reaction that gives your skin transformative results in as little as 12 weeks with no downtime. Our mask has 7 light settings, each offering unique skincare benefits, it leaves you with fresher, younger, and better skin.

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